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10 ways to keep energy costs in check this winter

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Warm air can leak out of a home from places small, such as electrical outlets, and large, such as picture windows. But there are steps you can take to close those gaps, beyond taping plastic to the windows (although that old standby certainly helps). And keep in mind: Your utility bill isn’t the only reason to tighten up your home.
For many people, the compelling thing is to make the home comfortable.
Here are 10 ways to help keep the cold air out and the warm air in this winter

  • 1. Seal or weatherstrip doors and windows ($5 to $40)
    2. Insulate pipes ($2 to $5)
    3. Insulate outlet covers ($1 or less per outlet)
    4. Replace the furnace filter ($8 to $12)
    5. Block the chimney effect ($50 to $2,000)
    6. Install a programmable thermostat ($25 to $100)
    7. Install thermal window coverings ($10 to $500)
    8. Install a ceiling fan ($100 to $300)
    9. Add attic insulation ($50 to $100)
    10. Wear a sweater (Free)

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